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Why the “employee experience” is key for retaining staff and freelancers

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Financial rewards may seem an obvious way to motivate your staff and freelancers, but a new study has revealed they don’t work in the long term! While hefty pay rates are good at attracting staff to your company they may not be so good at motivating or getting them to stay with you. Make your employees happy by saying thank you! In a recent survey by a recruitment website ofy 2,000 workers and 500 employers / managers, more than 58% of British workers don’t believe they are thanked enough at work. Is that surprising? Over half said this made them feel unappreciated and 41% said they felt demotivated as a result of this. While 75% of employers recognised that failing to say thank you to employees had a negative effect on staff motivation at work, 41% of the employers said they realised their staff weren’t thanked enough! A total of 93% of bosses realise that manners are a vital part of the working environment.

What can employers do to motivate, engage and retain their staff and freelancers?

  • Look at how you recruit new staff, source freelancers, and the information you provide about your company – make sure people understand your company before they arrive and what it is like to work there
  • Ensure induction does integrate staff into the business effectively so people understand their meaning and purpose in the business
  • Share the business’ plans, challenges and opportunities – communicate constantly
  • Maximise the opportunities to provide work that is fulfilling and challenging (but achievable)
  • Give employees the opportunity to provide feedback about their work and share their own ideas for improvement in all aspects of your business
  • Set out clear responsibilities, goals and objectives for staff and freelancers, and review them regularly
  • Review all the company’s policies and procedures and systems (including technology) so that staff are able to do simple things quickly
  • Ensure that managers and supervisors have had adequate training and the capability to manage their new and current staff

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