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How freelancers/consultants negotiate

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Most consultants hate negotiations because they lack self-confidence. Not everyone can become a master negotiator overnight, and although it might be difficult to believe, both consultants and freelancers can negotiate a deal as long as they’re willing to learn. People who work on their own don’t know much about negotiations, and therefore they end up ...

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A Getting Started Guide to Better Office Productivity

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When your business relocation is complete, the office movers and packers have been, and gone, you’re presented with the perfect opportunity to streamline your workplace, and dramatically increase office productivity before the dust has even settled. Tiny changes can spawn big results; results that are harder to achieve in a static, established office. There are ...

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Why use recruitment consultants? – for candidates

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You may have pre-conceived ideas of what Recruitment Consultants are like, so to start off with I want to assure you that we are not all bad! I, along with my colleagues at Bespoke really care about what we do in the jobs and recruitment industry. So why use recruitment consultants? We know the industry A good Recruitment Consultant will ... Read More »

What it takes to be a successful freelancer – part 1

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The following piece was written by Bill Greenwood, a Freelance Creative Artworker, Retoucher and Project Manager who recently, after a long and hugely successful permanent career, decided to take the plunge into the world of freelance.   In Bill’s words… I’ve written a couple business tips, hope this all helps. This link is a small piece I wrote a while ... Read More »