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Freelance tools: organisation

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Freelancing is an rewarding but sometimes difficult environment, so I’ve gathered 3 sets of strategy tools (some I’ve found myself and others suggested by Mike Doyle) that should help you make it as efficient as possible: Tools for organisation, Tools for preparation and Tools for presentation. Below is the first set in this mini series: Tools for organisation Organisation is ... Read More »

Charming clients and winning contracts

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Freelancing has become more competitive than ever. With a growing number of freelancers vying for the same contracts from the same companies or agencies, it is imperative to embrace the competition to stay ahead of the game, allowing you to continue winning those all-important clients time and time again. Many agencies and companies are currently on the lookout for freelancers ... Read More »

Workshop planning & agenda design

workshop planning

One thing I’m particularly militant on is workshop planning. I have not always been this way, in fact I spent the first couple of years as a strategist frightened of them, worried that my ideas would not be good enough or that no one would hear my voice. No more. I love them. By way of quick mental count, I ... Read More »

How to go about making money as a strategist

Making money as a strategist

The best piece of advice I have ever received in my career was: Greg, you are not going to work here forever, two years would be a good innings, you should not want to work here forever, the way you learn and start making money as a strategist is to move around in the agency world, not staying still too ... Read More »