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The strategic design process

Strategic design process

I have always been an advocate of an intertwined strategic design process, nay, relationship. At one of the design agencies where I spent a year freelancing they had – pre-me – operated using a silo model whereby the Head of Strategy turned up to the initial briefing and then did the ‘stage one’ part of the project on his own, ... Read More »

Thoughtpiece: We are all journalists


Thoughtpiece: We are all journalists I think it is pretty clear by now that I’m a passionate blogger and social media fiend but with the proliferation of social media and review websites I’m starting to think that we are all journalists. A few years ago we would not have been able to tweet, there was no credible review site such ... Read More »

Top line thoughts on how to win at shelf

win at shelf

A number of my client projects in the last two years have been the evolution or revolution of packaging with the core ROI being to win at shelf These clients include global and local brands, from Teacher’s Whisky to FRAM oil filters, from Cadbury to Philips Sonicare, from Speedo to Bacardi Breezer and Grey Goose. Great brand strategy includes great ... Read More »

Contract negotiation strategies for freelancers

contract negotiation strategies

Contract negotiation strategies Negotiation is like an art gone astray as not many people have stellar enough negotiation strategies to close great deals. We often see a price and we choose to pay it no questions asked. Why are we so scared to ask for more? There are so many good tactics to improve negotiation skills that it’s impossible to ... Read More »

Why Goliath is no longer safe, challenger brands are back.


Why Goliath is no longer safe, challenger brands are back. Those of you familiar with the brand strategy concept behind the ‘challenger brand’ (the buzz word of the mid 2000’s), you may think that this concept is now a little dated, but you’d be wrong. To give this thought piece a little context, the concept of a challenger brand was ... Read More »