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How My Passion for Theatre Makes Me A Better Planner

How My Passion for Theatre Makes Me A Better Planner

  How My Passion for Theatre Makes Me A Better Planner Something that almost always comes up in conversation when I meet new people is my degree in Theatre Arts. I’m always asked some variation of: “Theatre. Really? Why theatre? Are you an actress?” In fact, I am not an actress but there are numerous skills I picked up while ... Read More »

My projects in the news: Qoros


Some great press coverage for a project I worked on with Engine for a new-to-market Chinese car company, Qoros The below focusses on the great concept and delivery of a new flagship ‘Made in China’ brand, cannot wait to see the dealerships in real life. Together with the Engine team, we put together an incredible service design model rooted in ... Read More »

How to Define Your Brand Proposition

brand proposition

Building your brand proposition In my post “Differentiating yourself in the strategic world” I spoke about how to go about setting your raison d’être and defining your place in the world and how to stand out from the myriad of other freelancers and consultancies out there. It’s all about your personal brand management. It all boils down to having a ... Read More »

Guest post: Legally protecting your brand

protecting your brand

These quick tips will help you in protecting your brand and strengthening your trademark for your business. Choose a creative brand name Being distinctive and unique will help customers remember you rather than getting lost with “Joe’s Pizza” and “Sue’s Sweet Shoppe.” Use your selected trademark Giving your trademark/brand exposure gives it strength. More potential customers will remember you and ... Read More »

10 common failings of shopper marketing

shopper marketing

Hugely insightful look at shopper marketing in supermarkets and how it is often missing the mark Original article SBXL behaviour analysts: A study cites the example of DVDs priced at £4.24 each that suddenly saw an increase in sales when a sign appeared promoting them at ‘Two for £10’. Similarly, sales of a big brand lager placed under a prominent ... Read More »