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Top five (+1) pieces of software every freelancer needs

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Operating your business in an efficient way. Software every freelancer needs Depending on how long you’ve been freelancing and what delivery systems you use there are a plethora of different apps and software that can get you through. Here is a list of five (+1) software strategy tools every freelancer needs that I love and use in my day to day ... Read More »

Anatomy of a strategist [infographic]

Anatomy of a strategist

The anatomy of a strategist, from A little bit of fun this week with an infographic celebrating the anatomy of a strategist… It is my first infographic so would be interested in feedback and comments. How does this compare with your idea of strategy consultants, or strategy consultancy in general? Let me know what you think on Twitter And ... Read More »

Freelancers’ blog PPC Optimisation Blueprint


PPC Optimisation Blueprint For bootstrapped start-ups there are a number of affordable marketing channels to get started. Advertising is generally expensive and most start-ups overestimate advertising ROI, especially until they’ve gained some sort of foothold through other means. So before you try paid advertising explore options such as free classified ads, organic social media, using your personal network, media publicity, ... Read More »