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Top five (+1) pieces of software every freelancer needs

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Operating your business in an efficient way. Software every freelancer needs Depending on how long you’ve been freelancing and what delivery systems you use there are a plethora of different apps and software that can get you through. Here is a list of five (+1) software strategy tools every freelancer needs¬†that I love and use in my day to day ... Read More »

5 Tips to building a stronger business

stronger business

5 Tips to Building a Stronger Business Business training is absolutely necessary if a person wishes to run a successful business. There are many business courses available online as well as at traditional brick and mortar schools that will teach an individual how to build a strong business plan. For those that are already running a business, taking a refresher ... Read More »

Do You Need Insurance for Your Freelance Business?

insurance for your freelance business

Do You Need Insurance for Your Freelance Business? Freelancers provide some very valuable services to society. Their customers rely on them for those services, but unfortunately the nature of the business also makes them more vulnerable to legal action if something goes wrong. More and more customers are even requesting proof of freelance insurance as a condition of employment. Even ... Read More »

How Different is Accounting from Bookkeeping Services


How Different is Accounting from Bookkeeping Services In business there are financial transactions taking place on daily basis and if these transactions are not recorded on the daily basis a monthly sheet summarizing all the transactions cannot be prepared. When the owner of an organization wants to know the financial status of his company on any given day and time, ... Read More »

Guest post: Legally protecting your brand

protecting your brand

These quick tips will help you in protecting your brand and strengthening your trademark for your business. Choose a creative brand name Being distinctive and unique will help customers remember you rather than getting lost with “Joe’s Pizza” and “Sue’s Sweet Shoppe.” Use your selected trademark Giving your trademark/brand exposure gives it strength. More potential customers will remember you and ... Read More »