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Surviving redundancy

Platform to success

In the last ‘recession’ I was been made redundant thrice. Here’s a tale about surviving redundancy. Yes. Thrice. A hat trick of doom as I jovially call it. As morale-beating as this can be, the crucial thing is not that you were made redundant but how you react and what you bounce back with as a platform to success. The first time I ... Read More »

Living with a freelancer, a fiancé’s tale

living with a freelancer

Living with a freelancer So when I took the call from Greg after he was made redundant my heart dropped. I was so disappointed for him, he loved working with creative people on powerful brands and was brilliant at it. The selfish part of me thought about all the plans we were making having recently got engaged and all the ... Read More »

How to go about making money as a strategist

Making money as a strategist

The best piece of advice I have ever received in my career was: Greg, you are not going to work here forever, two years would be a good innings, you should not want to work here forever, the way you learn and start making money as a strategist is to move around in the agency world, not staying still too ... Read More »

Thoughtpiece retail: Emerging themes in technology

emerging themes in technology

Emerging Themes in Technology Some background stats behind this report on emerging themes in technology within retail: There are 1.6 billion Internet users worldwide, and in the UK Internet penetration has climbed sixteen percent to 67% over the past five years (Ipsos Mori / Mintel). To put social networking into context, it took radio thirty-eight years to reach 50 million users, ... Read More »

Forget resolutions – what are your objectives for 2013?


As a freelancer and entrepreneur your mindset should be on setting objectives for 2013 It is a change of focus away from oft-unachievable resolutions such as no chocolate, no booze, will lose weight and will spend less. These are reactionary thoughts and dreams based on having just gone for it big time in December and now feeling a pang of ... Read More »