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7 types of freelance strategy project

This post is born out of a daydream I was lost in the other day thinking about past projects and the types of types of freelance projects¬†I have experienced. All of us have worked with different clients, different projects and different experiences, here are the seven types of freelance projects I have encountered, I hope they have some resonance with ... Read More »

Italian retail audit – alcohol

italian retail audit

On a recent trip to Italy I conducted both a retail audit and an alcohol within retail audit. Here is the alcohol within retail audit with accompanying insight. Top three insights from the Italian retail audit 01. Local first, global second Similar to food produce, alcohol is very distinctly split between locally produced product and global brands with the brands ... Read More »

Thoughtpiece: The long game

long game

The long game The creation of value over immediate revenue In the interest of keeping this article short entertaining and informative I am forced to work under certain premises. Marketing delivers 2 key functions: immediate returns and long-term value. From my experience over the last few years, the market that we have all been focused on has been in somewhat ... Read More »

The TalkTalk brand problem

A talktalk brand problem

Looks like there is another TalkTalk brand problem Telecoms provider TalkTalk has been in the business pages again following a ¬£750k fine from Ofcom for making nuisance phonecalls. Due to a problem with the system, a number of outbound sales calls were either abandoned or silent, annoying many consumers. This is NOT good brand management. Such calls are made when ... Read More »

A product launch strategy that lacks relevance

A product launch strategy that lacks a relevant audience and damages a brand's image

Picture the scene last Wednesday: I’m a whisky collector and I hear about Talisker holding an event with a strong social product launch strategy I’m excited! I get myself on the guest list. I get there and wow am I ready to battle the 25ft fake storm they have created to herald the launch of their new SKU, Talisker Storm. ... Read More »