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Top five (+1) pieces of software every freelancer needs

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Operating your business in an efficient way. Software every freelancer needs Depending on how long you’ve been freelancing and what delivery systems you use there are a plethora of different apps and software that can get you through. Here is a list of five (+1) software strategy tools every freelancer needs that I love and use in my day to day ... Read More »

How to go about making money as a strategist

Making money as a strategist

The best piece of advice I have ever received in my career was: Greg, you are not going to work here forever, two years would be a good innings, you should not want to work here forever, the way you learn and start making money as a strategist is to move around in the agency world, not staying still too ... Read More »

Strategist vs. Planner – the great debate

Strategist vs. Planner

There is often conflicting definitions of which terminology is appropriate in the strategist vs. planner debate. Here I am going to try and clarify the definition of each and why they can sometimes be interchangeable. Here’s how I define the two: Strategist We set the higher level brand strategy and direction, we work out the deep-rooted consumer behaviours and needs ... Read More »