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Methodologies to Negotiate a Salary as a New Grad

graduate negotiations

Methodologies to Negotiate a Salary as a New Grad We often hear that employers are willing to negotiate a salary with job applications, especially when these applicants are students. However, the problem is not the employer but the student who’s afraid to negotiate. In an attempt to get the new job they feel intimidated due to their lack of experience. ... Read More »

Contract negotiation strategies for freelancers

contract negotiation strategies

Contract negotiation strategies Negotiation is like an art gone astray as not many people have stellar enough negotiation strategies to close great deals. We often see a price and we choose to pay it no questions asked. Why are we so scared to ask for more? There are so many good tactics to improve negotiation skills that it’s impossible to ... Read More »

Negotiation techniques for freelancers

negotiation techniques

Negotiation techniques for freelancers and contractors Even the most confident freelancers are terrified by the word ‘negotiate’. However, if you know what you’re talking about prior to asking for money, you can greatly reduce the level of stress. Come up with some solid negotiation strategies, and you might just win yourself a sweet deal. Make sure to include the following ... Read More »