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What it takes to be a successful freelancer – part 1

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The following piece was written by Bill Greenwood, a Freelance Creative Artworker, Retoucher and Project Manager who recently, after a long and hugely successful permanent career, decided to take the plunge into the world of freelance.   In Bill’s words… I’ve written a couple business tips, hope this all helps. This link is a small piece I wrote a while ... Read More »

Setting yourself up as an agency freelancer: USA

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How much is incorporation going to cost? There’s always a one time cost associated with incorporating. It’s usually a few hundred dollars, depending on the fees of the particular state you’re incorporating in. But there are a few costs worth noting before you start incorporating: while it offers a lot of protection, running a corporation is more expensive than running ... Read More »

What it takes to be a successful freelancer, Part 2

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This guest post has been shared by Source, London’s leading Creative Recruitment Agency. Their freelance Creative recruitment team have daily creative briefs and would love to hear from you. So why freelance? What changed in your circumstances? There can be a number of reasons why you are considering a freelance career, ranging from redundancy through to a desire to earn ... Read More »

Charming clients and winning contracts

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Freelancing has become more competitive than ever. With a growing number of freelancers vying for the same contracts from the same companies or agencies, it is imperative to embrace the competition to stay ahead of the game, allowing you to continue winning those all-important clients time and time again. Many agencies and companies are currently on the lookout for freelancers ... Read More »