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Methodologies to Negotiate a Salary as a New Grad

graduate negotiations

Methodologies to Negotiate a Salary as a New Grad We often hear that employers are willing to negotiate a salary with job applications, especially when these applicants are students. However, the problem is not the employer but the student who’s afraid to negotiate. In an attempt to get the new job they feel intimidated due to their lack of experience. ... Read More »

Workshop planning & agenda design

workshop planning

One thing I’m particularly militant on is workshop planning. I have not always been this way, in fact I spent the first couple of years as a strategist frightened of them, worried that my ideas would not be good enough or that no one would hear my voice. No more. I love them. By way of quick mental count, I ... Read More »

Being the apologetic cousin, the Pepsi brand problem

the Pepsi brand problem

How often have you heard this exact same pair of questions that typify the Pepsi brand problem when you’ve been at the bar: “Can I get a vodka Diet Coke please?” … “Really sorry, we don’t stock Diet Coke, is Diet Pepsi ok?” It must be quite sad for Pepsi to have such a world-renowned brand with an incredible set ... Read More »

Thoughtpiece: We are all journalists


Thoughtpiece: We are all journalists I think it is pretty clear by now that I’m a passionate blogger and social media fiend but with the proliferation of social media and review websites I’m starting to think that we are all journalists. A few years ago we would not have been able to tweet, there was no credible review site such ... Read More »

15 essential tools for every freelance strategist

essential tools for every freelance strategist

We all have our favourite tools for what we do, here are my essential “strategy tools” for every freelance strategist MacBook Pro with Retina Display I could not live without my MacBook Pro with Retina Display, it keeps me connected and enables me to actually do my job! I opted for the 15″ both for relative cost and also portability, ... Read More »