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10 things I love about being a strategist

10 things I love about being a strategist

My name’s Greg, and I’m a strategist. Here are the 10 things I love about being a strategist… Here are the 10 things I love about being a strategist… in text format: Being able to provide a clear view on to a brand’s situation, take a fresh eyes approach to unearthing opportunities to leverage past successes with future growth in promoting brand ... Read More »

Being the apologetic cousin, the Pepsi brand problem

the Pepsi brand problem

How often have you heard this exact same pair of questions that typify the Pepsi brand problem when you’ve been at the bar: “Can I get a vodka Diet Coke please?” … “Really sorry, we don’t stock Diet Coke, is Diet Pepsi ok?” It must be quite sad for Pepsi to have such a world-renowned brand with an incredible set ... Read More »

Thoughtpiece: We are all journalists


Thoughtpiece: We are all journalists I think it is pretty clear by now that I’m a passionate blogger and social media fiend but with the proliferation of social media and review websites I’m starting to think that we are all journalists. A few years ago we would not have been able to tweet, there was no credible review site such ... Read More »

Recapping the brand positioning template from Strat-Talking

brand positioning

Every design agency and strategist on the planet has to work with brand positioning models, Strat-Talking believes in the power of simplicity and answering key strategic questions. Below is the brand positioning model template that Strat-Talking founder, Greg Dillon, has designed and uses for his client projects. The sections that need to be completed: Mission What do you want the brand ... Read More »

Italian retail audit – alcohol

italian retail audit

On a recent trip to Italy I conducted both a retail audit and an alcohol within retail audit. Here is the alcohol within retail audit with accompanying insight. Top three insights from the Italian retail audit 01. Local first, global second Similar to food produce, alcohol is very distinctly split between locally produced product and global brands with the brands ... Read More »