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How to Successfully Create An Agile Freelance Project Team

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Companies starting to build remote freelance teams to work on a wide array of projects including software development, online marketing strategy, search engine optimization, and content marketing. By turning to freelancers, they are able to source the best talents and cut labor costs to help them promote their services, create new or improve existing products, and ultimately maximize their revenues. ... Read More »

How to go about making money as a strategist

Making money as a strategist

The best piece of advice I have ever received in my career was: Greg, you are not going to work here forever, two years would be a good innings, you should not want to work here forever, the way you learn and start making money as a strategist is to move around in the agency world, not staying still too ... Read More »

15 essential tools for every freelance strategist

essential tools for every freelance strategist

We all have our favourite tools for what we do, here are my essential “strategy tools” for every freelance strategist MacBook Pro with Retina Display I could not live without my MacBook Pro with Retina Display, it keeps me connected and enables me to actually do my job! I opted for the 15″ both for relative cost and also portability, ... Read More »

Top line thoughts on how to win at shelf

win at shelf

A number of my client projects in the last two years have been the evolution or revolution of packaging with the core ROI being to win at shelf These clients include global and local brands, from Teacher’s Whisky to FRAM oil filters, from Cadbury to Philips Sonicare, from Speedo to Bacardi Breezer and Grey Goose. Great brand strategy includes great ... Read More »

Illness costing you a contract

costing you a contract

Have you ever had something out of your control end up costing you a contract? I have, now. In the last few days I have been battling a vicious cold, not man flu. A simple cold that has meant working from home to get a presentation finished for a client workshop so as not to pollute the air within the ... Read More »