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How to be assertive but keep your clients happy

happy clients

Often in business we want to seem as agreeable as possible with clients in order to keep breaking even. It’s certainly not the worst tactic in the world, but down the line it can cause significant problems. If you’re having trouble saying “no” to clients, you might learn a thing or two from what have come to be known in ... Read More »

Own label and the tale of the cats that copy

own label

Branding is a curious thing, own label branding is fast becoming a bold, aggressive thing. We strategy consultants research, hypothesise, think, build and fix brands every day but increasingly we are seeing those pesky own label brands decide to go for the jugular and take the market share of these expensively built brands through copycat design. This copycat design is ... Read More »

Illness costing you a contract

costing you a contract

Have you ever had something out of your control end up costing you a contract? I have, now. In the last few days I have been battling a vicious cold, not man flu. A simple cold that has meant working from home to get a presentation finished for a client workshop so as not to pollute the air within the ... Read More »

Why the “employee experience” is key for retaining staff and freelancers

Financial rewards may seem an obvious way to motivate your staff and freelancers , but a new study has revealed they don’t work in the long term! While hefty pay rates are good at attracting staff to your company they may not be so good at motivating or getting them to stay with [...]
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What to include in a consulting proposal

consulting proposal

It is essential to note that there is no one way to prepare a consulting proposal, it will differ by your niche, your personality and your approach to working with clients but this is an indicative guide to what you should and could include when you write a proposal to remove any barrier to your prospective client saying yes to ... Read More »