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Negotiation techniques for freelancers

negotiation techniques

Negotiation techniques for freelancers and contractors Even the most confident freelancers are terrified by the word ‘negotiate’. However, if you know what you’re talking about prior to asking for money, you can greatly reduce the level of stress. Come up with some solid negotiation strategies, and you might just win yourself a sweet deal. Make sure to include the following ... Read More »

The Nespresso Latissima+Black review

Nespresso Latissima+Black review

I have mentioned many times about my love for the Nespresso brand, the service brand and the product brand that services my daily coffee ritual and keeps me sane when things get a bit mental. Yes, Nespresso really does mean that much to me. This is exactly why I jumped at the chance to do try out their new coffee ... Read More »

Strat-Talking acquires CreativeAgencyFreelancing.com

best blog posts

We have very exciting news for all the great readers of Strat-Talking.com – we are getting bigger & better. Not only have we recorded four record readership months in a row, with a high of 5,163 visitors in August, but we have now acquired CreativeAgencyFreelancing.com which nearly doubles our reach and forms the start of the Strat-Talking Creative Blogging Network. ... Read More »

Overcoming entrepreneurial challenges

entrepreneurial challenges

Bryant Jaquez is the entrepreneurial co-owner of Noble Creative. He leads a team of groundbreaking marketers who make things that make people money. You can follow him on twitter. Today he speaks about entrepreneurial challenges… Being an entrepreneur is glamorous… said the Hollywood writer. For those of us living in the real world, we know that being a small business ... Read More »

Freelancers’ blog PPC Optimisation Blueprint


PPC Optimisation Blueprint For bootstrapped start-ups there are a number of affordable marketing channels to get started. Advertising is generally expensive and most start-ups overestimate advertising ROI, especially until they’ve gained some sort of foothold through other means. So before you try paid advertising explore options such as free classified ads, organic social media, using your personal network, media publicity, ... Read More »