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Top five (+1) pieces of software every freelancer needs

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Operating your business in an efficient way. Software every freelancer needs Depending on how long you’ve been freelancing and what delivery systems you use there are a plethora of different apps and software that can get you through. Here is a list of five (+1) software strategy tools every freelancer needs┬áthat I love and use in my day to day ... Read More »

Thoughtpiece retail: Emerging themes in technology

emerging themes in technology

Emerging Themes in Technology Some background stats behind this report on emerging themes in technology within retail:┬áThere are 1.6 billion Internet users worldwide, and in the UK Internet penetration has climbed sixteen percent to 67% over the past five years (Ipsos Mori / Mintel). To put social networking into context, it took radio thirty-eight years to reach 50 million users, ... Read More »

Post-Its love, a review of their new product range


There is probably nothing us strategy consultants use more than Post-Its. I estimate that in the last 12 months I used somewhere in the region of five thousand Post-Its of varying sizes across a plethora of client projects spanning seven countries and eight market sectors. Frankly I think I’m addicted to Post-Its. There, I’ve said it. My favourites are obviously ... Read More »