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12-step process to negotiate a salary without fear

negotiate a salary without fear

Negotiating a salary is never easy, and whether we like it or not, most of us hate negotiations because we’re afraid someone will take advantage of our weaknesses. Every time we feel that we’re being put in an unpleasant situation, we have the habit of assuming the other party is not taking us seriously. As far as salary negotiations are ... Read More »

Sainsburys retail audit, the faux-farmers market


Following the thoughtpiece on coffee shops, it seems pertinent to comment on and highlight how Supermarkets are getting in on the act by creating faux-farmers markets in store, focusing on a Sainsburys retail audit. In a trend for localisation over globalisation where C-Stores (supermarket convenience stores) are starting to compliment rather than compete with established high street stores [link], Sainsbury's ... Read More »

4 reasons why young professionals are turning to freelancing

young professionals are becoming freelancers

4 reasons why young professionals are becoming freelancers Whether they've been made redundant or decided that they no longer want to be someone else's employee, 8.9 million people in Europe have chosen a freelancing career over traditional employment. Millennials and Generation Y-ers in particular have been making the decision to ditch the 9-5 in order to go it alone. With freelancing ... Read More »

What should strategists wear?

what should strategists wear

What should strategists wear? It is a question that comes up with every new agency I partner or freelance with: "Client presentation tomorrow, what should strategists wear?" Account handlers, normally referred to as 'suits', typically opt to wear suits to client presentations and meetings, designers typically wear a random pick and mix of 'creative' clothing and strategists… well… what should ... Read More »