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Setting yourself up as an agency freelancer

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If you're thinking of becoming a freelancer or are in the process of it, you might be wondering how to get started. Well, the most urgent issue you need to address is how to get set up as a business, so you can start working at creative agencies. Read More »

How Different is Accounting from Bookkeeping Services


How Different is Accounting from Bookkeeping Services In business there are financial transactions taking place on daily basis and if these transactions are not recorded on the daily basis a monthly sheet summarizing all the transactions cannot be prepared. When the owner of an organization wants to know the financial status of his company on any given day and time, ... Read More »

8 Reasons Why Successful Losers Make the Best Leaders

best leaders

8 Reasons Why Successful Losers Make the Best Leaders Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Russell Simmons. Mark Zuckerberg. Howard Stern. Oprah Winfrey. Walt Disney. Jim Carrey. Halle Berry. What do all of these people have in common other than being hugely famous and filthy rich? They either dropped out of college, were fired from their jobs or they were homeless. For ... Read More »

Forget resolutions – what are your objectives for 2013?


As a freelancer and entrepreneur your mindset should be on setting objectives for 2013 It is a change of focus away from oft-unachievable resolutions such as no chocolate, no booze, will lose weight and will spend less. These are reactionary thoughts and dreams based on having just gone for it big time in December and now feeling a pang of ... Read More »