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Our new year action plan for freelancers, hello 2017

new year action plan for freelancers

The festive season is over, diets are in full swing, spending has been cut and gloom is setting in. Here’s a new year action plan for freelancers to help you get through and thrive. Whilst January is not the greatest month as we start the countdown to Christmas all over again, don’t let your freelance business suffer. The five tips ... Read More »

Meaningless job titles – Why do we have them?

job titles

One of my weird, non-financial pleasures is business cards. There. I’ve said it. I love and collect business cards. From clients, to friends, to bars, to restaurants and my own vast array of previous cards that stated where I was employed or tied to at the time of going to print.     But could the meaningless job titles actually mean ... Read More »

Key Accounting Terminology for Freelancers

key accounting terminology for freelancers

Key Accounting Terminology for Freelancers, whether you are a freelance accountant helping out individuals or companies who are in need to get their account books in order or a small business owner, who is managing his business’ financial transactions and cash management all by himself along with handling other functions. There are some key accounting terms that are necessary for ... Read More »

Methodologies to Negotiate a Salary as a New Grad

graduate negotiations

Methodologies to Negotiate a Salary as a New Grad We often hear that employers are willing to negotiate a salary with job applications, especially when these applicants are students. However, the problem is not the employer but the student who’s afraid to negotiate. In an attempt to get the new job they feel intimidated due to their lack of experience. ... Read More »

Freelance business cards

photo credit: jontangerine via photopin cc

Gallery of Business Cards with a Marketing Focus When trying to brand your business, or even yourself, you need to create a visual identity, and that begins with your business card. Even if most of your business happens online through an effective, impactful website, you need to be able to offer the same sort of strong impression with people you meet ... Read More »