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Thoughtpiece: Battle for the emerging middle consumer

emerging middle consumer

One of the most exciting developments in consumer behaviour going into 2013 is the emerging middle consumer. You know the ones. These are the people walking down the gradually-shutting down high street with Prada bags in one hand and Primark bags in the other. Are they budget shoppers or high end shoppers? It would appear that the emerging middle consumer ... Read More »

Freelancer Focus: Colm Brophy

freelancer Q&A

Part of Strat-Talking.com’s raison d’ĂȘtre is to hold freelancer focus sessions with different types of freelancers to build a rich hub of business tips and insights from which we can all learn and grow. Here goes… Simple one to start; what’s your name and what do you do? My name is Colm Brophy. What I do can be a surprisingly ... Read More »

Forget resolutions – what are your objectives for 2013?


As a freelancer and entrepreneur your mindset should be on setting objectives for 2013 It is a change of focus away from oft-unachievable resolutions such as no chocolate, no booze, will lose weight and will spend less. These are reactionary thoughts and dreams based on having just gone for it big time in December and now feeling a pang of ... Read More »

Naming and branding your business


One of the biggest challenges when you’re starting out as a freelance strategy consultant is naming and branding your business. Remembering that this will then live across all your brand touch points including: Website URL Email address Business cards Invoices Logos (brand identities) Presentations Email signatures etc. It has to mean something – not just to you but to your ... Read More »