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Five types of mentor you need in your life

types of mentor

Types of mentor. As much are we are freelance strategy consultants we are also entrepreneurs. Despite being high on entrepreneurial spirit, we cannot do it alone, here are the five types of mentor you need in your freelance life. No one can know everything from day one, as much as we may believe we do and pretend we do (winging ... Read More »

Guidance on presentation delivery

presentation building

Presentations presentation delivery are one of the big differentiators between doing a job and doing a great job. I often see bloggers talk about presentation delivery tips – i.e. the end point of delivery – which, granted, has a lot to do with how and what the audience takes away from the presentation, the building of the presentation itself and the ... Read More »

How to find new clients as a freelance strategist


The grail… winning new clients. Here’s Strat-Talking’s take on how to find new clients as a freelance strategist. New clients are the grail for all strategy consultants and freelancers alike – we thrive off of our pitch wins (for clients, for ourselves and for agencies we partner with)… but how can we best identify who we should be targeting and how ... Read More »

Meaningless job titles – Why do we have them?

job titles

One of my weird, non-financial pleasures is business cards. There. I’ve said it. I love and collect business cards. From clients, to friends, to bars, to restaurants and my own vast array of previous cards that stated where I was employed or tied to at the time of going to print.     But could the meaningless job titles actually mean ... Read More »

Differentiating yourself in the strategic world

differentiating yourself

Are you differentiating yourself enough to be top of mind when a client / agency needs strategic consultant? As we all know, the market is tough out there… More and more people are going freelance – The Economist recently projected that 40% of all workers in the United States will be freelance by 2014 & in a poll by The Drum ... Read More »