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5 freelancing mistakes and how to avoid them

freelancing mistakes

Don’t Make These 5 Freelancing Mistakes We have to admit that a lot of freelancing careers end in a disaster due to mistakes. Mistakes do happen and you can chalk it up to experience. However, mistakes that happen often should never happen again. In fact there are common freelancing mistakes that freelancers do that cost them their jobs. Don’t fall for the common ... Read More »

Key Accounting Terminology for Freelancers

key accounting terminology for freelancers

Key Accounting Terminology for Freelancers, whether you are a freelance accountant helping out individuals or companies who are in need to get their account books in order or a small business owner, who is managing his business’ financial transactions and cash management all by himself along with handling other functions. There are some key accounting terms that are necessary for ... Read More »

Guest post: Legally protecting your brand

protecting your brand

These quick tips will help you in protecting your brand and strengthening your trademark for your business. Choose a creative brand name Being distinctive and unique will help customers remember you rather than getting lost with “Joe’s Pizza” and “Sue’s Sweet Shoppe.” Use your selected trademark Giving your trademark/brand exposure gives it strength. More potential customers will remember you and ... Read More »