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It all ends in tiers, product tiering that is

product tiering

I have always found it interesting that global multi-million pound brands often struggle with the concept of ranging, product tiering and telling trade up stories at shelf. Often this arises from an over-achieving research and development team producing lots of great products or product innovation and needing to find somewhere to plug them into the range. Or simply, a misunderstanding ... Read More »

Being the apologetic cousin, the Pepsi brand problem

the Pepsi brand problem

How often have you heard this exact same pair of questions that typify the Pepsi brand problem when you’ve been at the bar: “Can I get a vodka Diet Coke please?” … “Really sorry, we don’t stock Diet Coke, is Diet Pepsi ok?” It must be quite sad for Pepsi to have such a world-renowned brand with an incredible set ... Read More »

Top line thoughts on how to win at shelf

win at shelf

A number of my client projects in the last two years have been the evolution or revolution of packaging with the core ROI being to win at shelf These clients include global and local brands, from Teacher’s Whisky to FRAM oil filters, from Cadbury to Philips Sonicare, from Speedo to Bacardi Breezer and Grey Goose. Great brand strategy includes great ... Read More »

High level inspiration / thoughts

Strat-Talking’s view on the world Collections of data, quotes, visual inspiration and more designed into PDF summaries for you to download and use in your own presentations – only the first and last pages are branded, the rest can be extracted for your own personal use, we’re nice like that… Invigorating quotes from invigorating thinkers A collection of great ... Read More »

Recapping the brand positioning template from Strat-Talking

brand positioning

Every design agency and strategist¬†on the planet has to work with brand positioning models, Strat-Talking believes in the power of simplicity and answering key strategic questions. Below is the brand positioning model template that Strat-Talking founder, Greg Dillon, has designed and uses for his client projects. The sections that need to be completed: Mission What do you want the brand ... Read More »