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The Advantages of Forming A Limited Company

Forming A Limited Company

The Advantages of Forming A Limited Company As a freelancer, the idea of forming a limited company may seem like overkill. You’re just a one person operation working out of your bedroom. Why on earth would you need to make your accounting more complicated and go down the route of creating a full on company? To many it may seem ... Read More »

From brand love to brand dependency

Today is a Starbucks day… Yep. Brand Dependency at its best. I have been in the branding field for years and have worked with some of the biggest retailers and brands in the world to drive loyalty, advocacy and brand dependency through clever brand strategies and targeted design… I have somewhere in the region of 150 loyalty cards from all ... Read More »

Greg Dillon interviewed for Freelancing Matters

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Strat-Talking’s founder, Greg Dillon, was recently interviewed for PCG’s national magazine, Freelancing Matters. In the interview he speaks all things freelance, setting up the business, motivations, highs and lows. Full transcript can be read here: Below is a full screenshot of the article for you to read, with the transcript underneath.   Transcript: Greg Dillon is a freelancer, a ... Read More »

This month’s best strategy blogs from the web

poignant strategy blogs

As well as writing original content for I also take the time to scour the web for the most poignant strategy blogs from around the web, so that you don’t have to. Here are the most poignant strategy blogs from around the web for this month… 1. Dropping the Nokia brand name will be ‘risky’ The terms of the deal for Microsoft’s £4.6bn purchase ... Read More »

The Nespresso Latissima+Black review

Nespresso Latissima+Black review

I have mentioned many times about my love for the Nespresso brand, the service brand and the product brand that services my daily coffee ritual and keeps me sane when things get a bit mental. Yes, Nespresso really does mean that much to me. This is exactly why I jumped at the chance to do try out their new coffee ... Read More »