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How to get started as a freelancer

how to get started as a freelancerWelcome to our how to get started as a freelancer page. First things first – thank you for visiting, we appreciate you taking the time to read through our posts and maybe even leave a short comment or two where you feel inspired to do so. is committed to writing quality content that shows you how to get started as a freelancer, a strategist, a business owner and an entrepreneur.

Getting you started

To save you some time we’ve curated some of our readers’ favourite posts for you so you can get used to how things are done around here. They are listed by topic so it should be pretty simple to navigate.

Starting out as a freelancer

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The Strat-Talking Freelance Rate Calculator

Naming and branding you

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Freelance business management

Key accounting terminology for freelancers

Working from home

Work and cash flow management

Five types of mentor you need in your life

10 recruiters worth following on Twitter

The freelance lifestyle

Living with a freelancer, a fiancé’s tale

Post-It Love

High Speed Training

Nespresso review

Brand strategy & thoughtpieces

The longevity of design

1s and 0s of digital marketing are dead, long live marketing

Forget resolutions – what are your objectives for 2013?

Defining shopper marketing for 2013 and beyond

The beautiful game just got ugly, for fans, players and sponsors


30 best marketing / strategy / branding quotes

20 design and branding agencies worth following on Twitter

10 things I love about being a strategist

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