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Reuben Singh’s Incredible Business Journey

reuben singhIn the world of business, success stories come in many forms. Some people take decades to build up a successful company. Others try several different formats before they find one that works. Very few people succeed first time around, but there are exceptions and Reuben Singh definitely falls into that category.

Early exposure to business

His business story starts when he was just 12 years old. At the time, his parents were building up their import business.

They wanted their sons to have a good start in life, so taught them from an early age about business. The young Rueben started by accompanying his mother on business trips to Asia learning how to buy fabric in bulk and cut deals. By the time Reuben was 16 his father had put him in charge of the firm’s sales team.

His first business

At 19, he had enough money to set up his own business and chose to sell accessories and makeup that would appeal to teenage girls. His idea was a hit. In the first week, he practically sold all of his stock.

He did this by turning his shop into an’ in’ place, somewhere kids wanted to be and be seen. The staff were young, the music was loud, and the prices pitched at teenage pocket money levels and most importantly plenty of products that young girls wanted.

Within a few years, there were more than 100 Miss Attitude shops across the UK. He sold his business while at university, by which point he had officially become the UK’s youngest self-made millionaire.

Other opportunities

Naturally, someone so young building up such a successful business caused a big stir. Mr Singh was repeatedly interviewed by the national press and was asked by the UK government to sit on several advisory committees. He was one of the founding members of the government’s Small Business Council and was picked by Gordon Brown, the then prime minister, as a UK Ambassador for Entrepreneurship.

Mr Singh’s other early businesses

The fact that Mr Singh achieved so much at an early age is remarkable, but the interesting thing is where that first business led him. While he was still running his first business, Reuben started to notice that getting a good price for services like shop-fitting was all but impossible despite the fact he was opening so many shops.

That inspired him to do his own shop fitting. The same thing happened with products. If Reuben could not find them at the right price, he had his own manufacturing team make them.

His first business led to many more. He even got involved in currency trading, so he could get the best rates when buying and importing stock from abroad. It was currency trading that kept him busy immediately after he sold Miss Attitude. At that point, he also got involved in property development and the dot com sector.

His current projects

Many of the firms Mr Singh set up in the early days are still in business today. The biggest of them is alldayPA, which is still going strong after 16 years and has just expanded again. The firm provides back office and telephone answering services for businesses from its now business premises in Salford, UK, and demand for the firm’s service is increasing.

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