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Forget resolutions – what are your objectives for 2013?

As a freelancer and entrepreneur your mindset should be on setting objectives for 2013

objectives for 2013It is a change of focus away from oft-unachievable resolutions such as no chocolate, no booze, will lose weight and will spend less. These are reactionary thoughts and dreams based on having just gone for it big time in December and now feeling a pang of remorse over the waistline and bank balance.

New career advice for all you newbies, or business tips for the seasoned: Objectives should be quantifiable goals / targets for the year ahead.

For example last year my objectives included making 30% additional revenue away from work and finally launching my online initiative. This year I have been a lot more detailed in my planning and in setting the target quite high but within reason. Not ‘make a million £’ but make more, this giving me something realistic to aim towards and triggering the businessman part of my brain to work out new ways to generate income.

Here are the objectives for 2013 I’ve settled on:

GD | Business Objectives for 2013

  • Be on the freelance roster for 10 agencies
  • Generate 60% of my max potential income (at current rates) through freelance work in 2013
  • Generate 30% additional non-strategy income
  • Get 100 active, paying users on my photography membership site,
  • Ensure I’m not reliant on one single income stream
  • Deliver 3 speeches / presentations
  • Land two major new clients
  • Send out 24 client pitches (2 per month)
  • Start and actively write a successful blog,
  • Build a stockpile of 6 months backup cash in the biz account
  • Lose 20% of my ‘excess weight’
  • Reduce personal debt to zero £

What I’ve done with mine is to keep them quantifiable and realistic, with hard work of course. These are things I want to achieve and believe I can achieve.

What are your objectives for 2013? How do you set them?

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