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Freelancer recruitment advice 3 of 3 – Meet the decision maker

freelancer recruitment adviceThis is part three of a three part series called ‘Meet the decision maker’ where Strat-Talking has teamed up with recruiters Gabriele Skelton to answer key questions about freelancer recruitment advice and process.

Part three covers onward communication…

What is best practice for getting noticed and keeping front of mind for roles that come in?

This might sound obvious, but always keep your CV and portfolio of projects up to date, don’t swing from one project to another (lovely though that is) and suddenly realise you’re a year out of date. By which time, you will have forgotten key points or achievements that you should be talking about.

Ideally, have your own website or blog page that shows all your up to date work, and that also demonstrates you’re organised and proactive. Put up-to-date recommendations and references on there.

Keep your CV, website or portfolio crisp and clean, don’t make it look like you keep adding stuff to it. It will feel and look like a messy pile of washing up! Fresh, to the point – what you did 20 years ago is great, but not paragraphs of it. What you did last year or the year before is what will first be noticed. Make sure the key brands are what we notice first, not the obscure ones, no matter how exciting the project was. Use big brand choice and the work you did on it to your advantage.

Keep in touch

When you’ve finished a project you’re proud of, get back in touch with your network or recruiters, make sure they know what you’ve just done. It might so completely fresh and new and put a new perspective on ‘you’.

Again, when you’ve finished a project, if you can get some recommendations from the client or agency, all the better. It’s not cheesy, it’s helping to sell you as a successful strategist and brand!

… and if you’ve just engaged in or learnt a new trick, be that a social media success, or a new and successful new product, shout about it and give links, images or other examples of what that was. Fresh, up to date, on trend, that’s what people want to see. The competition is stiff so make yourself competitive and don’t assume we know!

… and again, keep in touch regularly with your network, even if it’s just a quick ‘hello’. It keeps you front of mind. That also includes keeping your LinkedIn page up to date, and using that to ensure we know you’re free or what you have just done. Don’t be shy, don’t be too English.


Gabriele Skelton are specialists in recruitment for the creative and digital sectors, with 25 years’ experience in recruiting for some of the UK’s leading creative agencies and brands.

We are all about ‘seeking chemistry’ between our clients and candidates, to make the search worth it for both sides. We know with experience that sometimes the best matches can be surprising! And we’re diverse, with candidates and placements that cover the full spectrum of the creative sector, from junior to top management, creative, client services, production and studio support.

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