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Our favourite strategy blog posts from June 2013

best strategy blogsAs well as writing original content for Strat-Talking.com I also take the time to scour the web for our favourite strategy blog posts, as well as freelance / planning / design articles from around the web, so that you don’t have to.

Here are the top five best strategy blog posts from around the web for June 2013. They’re chock full of insights, business tips and new career advice.

1. What Aspiring Designers Need To Know About Strategy

This is an exclusive excerpt from my new book, Success by Design: The Essential Business Reference for Designers, which was recently released by HOW. As I read through his resume, the designer stared at me expectantly. He had a wealth of great design projects under his belt. He had been seeking out personal projects to build out his portfolio. He had internships with sterling businesses and design studios. But there was one thing that leapt out at me from the list of core skills he’d listed at the top of his resume: strategy.

Original article located here

2. The Corporate States of America

This is a map of “The Corporate States of America”. For each of the fifty states (and the District of Columbia), I selected a corporation or brand that best represented the states. My criteria are subjective, but in each case, I tried to use a brand that a) is based in that state and b) is still in business (as of 2012).

Original article located here

3. Photographer Matches PANTONE Swatches To Things He Finds In Everyday Life

Photographer Matches PANTONE Swatches To Things He Finds In Everyday Life. Illinois-based photographer Paul Octavious has embarked on a personal mission to “match all the PANTONE colors” to things that he finds in everyday life. In the ongoing series called ‘#ThePantoneProject’, Octavious holds up a PANTONE swatch in each picture and matches it to an object in the background.

Original article located here

4. Launching With a Loved One? Five Lessons From Successful Startup Couples

A wise individual once said: “Being in a relationship is like putting miracle-grow on your defects.” Throw a business into the mix, and you may find yourself riding an express train on a hell-bound bean stock.

Original article located here


5. 20th Century Design Classics From A To Z

67 Inc created a poster that celebrates the greatest 20th-century design classics. From chairs and cameras, to clocks and record players, the poster entitled ‘Design Classics A to Z’ lists the most iconic products for each letter of the alphabet.

Original article located here


6. Freelancing on the go: The best new gadgets to remain connected anywhere

In the digital age that we all live in, willing or not, we’re increasingly more attached to our devices. Gadgets have made freelance work an even more attainable way to do business. The importance of these technological masterpieces is vast but with all the different options and possibilities available, which technologies are the most essential for freelance purposes?

Original article located here


7. Why you must build your own brand if you’re going to be a successful freelancer

The art of freelance writing has benefits but it comes with a cost and a test of patience. Every freelance writer has that moment of time where they aren’t writers, but in development to be writers. They are essentially establishing a style that makes them unique and interesting to the prospective contractors that are analyzing them.

Original article located here

8. Tin Man Brewing Co.

Packaging and identity for Evansville, Indiana’s Tin Man Brewing Company. Gorgeous packaging, wan to try the beer!

Original article located here


9. Are the days of unpaid interns over?

Most people remember “Black Swan” for Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning performance, but the movie has a farther-reaching legacy for the hardworking unpaid interns of the world. Two interns who worked on that movie sued 20th Century Fox and won. The Atlantic Wire has the skinny on the ruling.

Original article located here

10. Bale plies his trade mark

The story goes that, a few years ago, a law graduate fresh out of university takes a job with a huge New York firm on peanuts a year. They give him a desk in the corner and leave him to it. Bored, the graduate begins trademarking random words and phrases that come into his head. A few years later, somebody within the firm unearths the list of trademarks and, realising their value, begins to sell them off to some of the biggest companies on the planet for hundreds of millions of dollars. The star of the show is an old football slogan called “Man Of The Match”.

Original article located here

What are your favourite strategy blog posts from around the web you’ve seen this month?

(Feel free to include Strat-Talking content)

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