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January 2013’s best brand strategy blogs

brand strategy blogsAs well as writing original content for I also take the time to scour the web for the most poignant brand strategy blogs from around the web, so that you don’t have to.

Here are the top five best brand strategy blogs  from around the web for January 2013

1. Retailers taking tech battle for shopper marketing to next level

The store of the future has arrived and it is threatening to leave technology laggards behind. The modern store is equipped with cameras that look at you, guess your tastes based on your gender, age and behaviour, and send deals to your smart phone accordingly. It also has the technology to reduce endless check-out lines and speed up the process for picking up something ordered online.

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2. The Importance of Building Your Vocabulary

Today, we’re going to talk about removing another kind of filler from your speech (and your writing as well): empty words. Just like empty calories have the form of food but offer no nourishment to the eater, empty words take the form of verbiage, but offer no substance to the listener – leaving them hungry for meaning and details.

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3. Metrics Are Easy; Insight Is Hard

Big data is great. But we should consider that we’ve actually had more data than we can reasonably use for a while now. Just on the marketing front, it isn’t uncommon to see reports overflowing with data and benchmarks drawn from millions of underlying data points covering existing channels like display, email, website, search, and shopper/loyalty — and new data streams such as social and mobile engagement, reviews, comments, ratings, location check-ins and more.

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4. Election Reflection- Through a Brand Lens

Wow! It’s as if the air suddenly got cleaner as the huge cloud of election messaging disappeared, literally overnight. And for the first time in weeks, it felt that the moment was right to reflect on what we had all just experienced.

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5. HBR – Ten Ways to Get People to Change

How do you get leaders, employees, customers — and even yourself — to change behaviors? Executives can change strategy, products and processes until they’re blue in the face, but real change doesn’t take hold until people actually change what they do.

Original article located here

What are the best brand strategy blogs from around the web you’ve seen this month?
(Feel free to include Strat-Talking content)

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