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Product review: High Speed Training

High Speed was contacted by to see if we would like to review their training courses aimed at aspiring and existing SME owners. We of course jumped at the chance and will be holding a competition soon for you to win a free course too.

To start with, I would like to say how great a marketing idea this is: you can take fundamental business, health & safety and finance courses (others too but these are the ones most relevant to the Strat-Talking readership) and earn yourself CPD certificates in each course you do, all in the comfort of your office or home and through an extremely intuitive online system.

I took the Sales, Pricing and Marketing Skills course and feel like I was thoroughly put through my paces. I listened and read through hundreds of slides that were relevant, cleanly designed and, arguably the best part, at my own pace.

High Speed Training

There is relatively little room for going wrong, you are taught and taken through each idea and concept with great clarity and given practical advice and business tips on how to further your thinking on the subject.

The content id delivered through a series of slides that are both text and image based, occasionally you get a question or a ‘click to reveal’, keeping you on your toes as you go through!

My slight criticism is that I could not click ‘next’ quick enough on the slides, some took ages to be reveal and I read pretty quickly but it did give me time to digest the information more.

Case studies and current thinking gave me greater confidence in the content being relevant to me and think that for new-to-business entrepreneurs and freelancers this could be a very useful system – and at only £20-40 per course is a steal really.

The ability to end your session, take a break and return when you want is crucial.

High Speed Training

Without that I would not have been able to feel as relaxed doing this course, it seemed to forgive me as I got distracted and pulled into meetings or client calls, knowing where I left it and where I would want to return to without me having to start again, catch up or remember the slide numbers.

The tests are also very well designed, clearly with the end user in mind (unlike the tests and exams when I was at school) that allows you to pause, reflect, come back to and ultimately pass.

Looking forward to getting my CPD certificate in the post soon… I got 100% by the way, that’s right, I know my marketing shizzle.

I’m already onto my second course and looking forward to running a competition on Strat-Talking in the next couple of weeks for you guys to win access to some free courses from High Speed Training!

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