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Get your brand involved with Strat-Talking

Get your brand involved with Strat-Talking

We offer a number of ways for you to get you and your brand involved with Strat-Talking, and we are always open to new suggestions and opportunities so please do get in touch.

Product reviews

We write objective and thorough product reviews.

The profile of the majority of Strat-Talking’s readers… high income professionals, mostly small business owners, involved in consultancy and freelance work in the design, branding and IT industries, often work from home, spend the time kitting out their home office and working environment, have sizeable disposable income as well as business budgets.

Get in touch if you have products or courses that you would like Strat-Talking Lifestyle to review, they must be relevant to our readership profile above and be sent over to us for us to complete the review.

Bear in mind that our readship is primarily from the design and brand industries, as such any review will be about the full experience from packaging to usage and how it feels to own the product, not just about the functionality or taste. See Strat-Talking Lifestyle for examples.

We are also happy to run competitions, let us know your idea and we can make it happen.

Sponsored posts

We also accept sponsorship of individual articles.

Rates: £100 per article (lifetime) via PayPal or UK cheque.
Note: no animated banner ads.

Got questions? 
Please use the contact form below to introduce yourself and ask away!
We look forward to working with you.

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