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Why Freelancers need a Social Media Boost

medium_3231178720Why Freelancers need a Social Media Boost

Freelancers prospect for clients in a number of unique ways, depending on their precise needs and niches. For most, social media furnishes opportunities to connect with prospective clients and increase their general presence, in places where they might get noticed. While most social media platforms are more socially oriented than being based on business, there are still opportunities to promote yourself, without alienating social media users. Using social media benefits freelancers in two distinct ways. Not only does it furnish opportunities to make contact with prospects directly, but having a strong social media presence also helps drive traffic to your own freelance website, by supporting high rankings in online searches.


One of the best social media platforms for promoting business, LinkedIn furnishes several options for furthering your freelance mission. While there is a social component to LinkedIn, it is still centered around business, opening your prospective audience to include fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller players in your niche. But you won't benefit unless you participate, so the first step toward landing prospects through LinkedIn is to start with a good profile there. Pad your profile with all your relevant skills, with an eye toward keywords that will increase your visibility there. If you are a writer, for example, you're also a blogger, journalist, and so on.  Use your past jobs to plump-up your work-history bio for maximum appeal. The "Skills and Expertise" section allows you to state exactly what you are capable of, in ways prospects will identify readily. As a LinkedIn upstart, connect with previous business associates and others within your niche, establishing a network you can use to start stimulating interest in your freelance business. In addition to straightforward network connections, LinkedIn furnishes other features producing prospects for freelancers. In fact, the site maintains a job bank which can be mined directly for leads and prospects. Don't limit yourself to those employers seeking freelancers, instead; look at full-time job postings too, uncovering companies regularly hiring people for jobs you do. There is a better than average chance they hire freelancers too, so identify and contact them for work. Social media users want to see active participation, so update your LinkedIn entry every week or so, showing you are an interested, active user.

Facebook and Others

While it is less business oriented than LinkedIn, Facebook furnishes opportunities for promoting your freelance skills. For starters, you might create a business page for your freelance work, standing out in an area which few freelancers use to its full advantage. Synch your presence there with your personal Facebook page, so prospects can round-out their perception of you before contacting you with job offers. In addition to reaching clients directly, establishing a strong social media presence boosts search rankings for your primary freelance website, so you'll realize returns you don't see immediately.  While a gentler approach is required on social sites, your marketing and network- building goals can still be reinforced there. Combined with the SEO boost driving traffic to your primary freelance site, the benefits are certainly worth the time spent working social media angles. Author Bio: This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @ Photo credit: JefferyTurner via photopin cc

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