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Freelancer Calculator

There are vague guidelines regarding negotiation strategies around what you can charge at each career ‘level’ – but in truth it is often a careful calculation between what you want and what you think you can get for the project.

It is as dangerous to under-charge as to over-charge… over-estimating your daily rate can price you out of the market and you lose the gig, under-charging however can undermine your experience, make your services seem too junior, seem naive to market forces and allow clients to think you are a push over.

That’s why has teamed up with AddedBytes to provide you with the below, the only freelance calculator you will ever need – full visibility, full understanding and fully loaded with all the detail you need to quote your rate.


Daily Rate £
Item Days Income
1 Year + 365 £36,500
Weekends - 104 £26,100
Holidays - £23,100
Sickness - £22,600
Sales & Admin ( %) - 45 £18,100
Unpaid Time ( %) - 9 £17,200
Total Income (annual) £17,200
Total Income (monthly) £1,433
Expense Amount Income
Professional Services - £ £16,200
Hardware - £ £15,200
Software - £ £14,200
Office - £ £11,700
Sales - £ £10,700
Insurance - £ £10,450
Miscellaneous - £ £7,950
Total (less expenses) (annual) £7,950
Total (less expenses) (Monthly) £663
Tax ( %) - £1,988 £5,963
Net Income (annual) £5,963
Net Income (monthly) £497

Please Note: Many expenses will be deducted before tax, but some may not be – this tool provides an estimate for net income, but for an actual calculation you should always speak to an accountant.

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