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Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit

Raising the question of entrepreneurial spirit…

It is a nervy time in anyone’s life when you are in a stable job but you are not getting where you want to or your idea for a new position / promotion has just been rejected, you feel doubt –

  • Is this the end of my time here?Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Am I not good enough to be a successful entrepreneur at the next level?
  • I thought I was doing a great job but they are not rewarding me – are my 18 hour days not enough?!
  • The economy still is not great, should I just stick this job out?

Then you start to put your head above the proverbial parapet and start to see the odd thing they piques your interest, it could be an upwards promotion, or a sideways change of scenery, it may even be something completely new, or the same thing in a new city… or… you start to wonder… What if I start doing this for me and not to line someone else’s pocket?

That’s where you start to feel your inner entrepreneurial spirit.

Amongst all the fear and self doubt you had when you started thinking about ‘what next’ you start to envisage a life where you are the boss. You are winning clients and partnering with other businesses in order to enhance their offer and get a better job done. It is your name on the weekly invoice. People come to you for expert guidance and trust the words you are saying as it is only your experience that matters in the conversations.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly the thought process I went on many times before I gave in to the situation and the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ within and founded my strategic brand consultancy, GD | Inspires.

I had quite a bit of inner fear but also knew I could not be happy when every day I watched the owner of the design agency I was then with, a guy only a few years older than me, charging me out at nearly five times what I earned per day like some sort of brand-pimp…

Thankfully circumstance was on my side as I was made redundant so turned this oft-bad situation into my platform towards a life of freelance strategy consultancy, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit that had been bubbling beneath the surface for years.

Not trying to sound like a hero here but it takes stones. To say no to full time jobs and focus on building ‘brand you’ in a world where people are losing their jobs left and right, is no easy thing – but for me it was a case of asking one final question…

Do I want to build a life for myself and make the hard choices to remain pure to my entrepreneurial spirit, or do I want to take ‘safer’ options when they come up?

Keen to hear your thoughts and comments on how you took the plunge to become a freelancer or indeed if you are at the point where you are asking yourself the questions at the beginning of this post…

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