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1s and 0s of digital marketing are dead, long live marketing

Digital marketing is dead? Or is it now mainstream?

digital marketingA good friend of mine, and managing partner of 1HQ, sent me a link to a great blog the other day that talked through how digital marketing is dead, we should refer to everything as marketing.

You can view what he sent me here:

My take on it is this; I agree.

In this day and age we as strategy consultants and marketeers should not think about marketing as digital, direct and whatnot, everything should be thought of as integrated.

Yes, yes, yes, people have said this for years and agencies have been calling themselves integrated for years but still we refer to digital as something new that is yet to find its place in the world. The best marketing strategies integrate all marketing platforms. Period.

Ultimately it is a channel to market, not a completely different way of life.

It has its nuances and uniqueness, granted, but by splitting it out in conversations such as ‘we need to get our digital agency to deal with that, our packaging agency will deal with the product itself’, we start to lose the brand’s overall meaning.

We need to impress upon clients that digital is but a channel in a the ‘marketing mix’, and what matters is telling the brand’s story in a way that customers can connect to it regardless of which channel they enter the brand world from.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that it is hard work getting a brand’s message to market across a number of different touchpoints but is that not why we are strategists? Why we do what we do?

One thing that always gets to me is when agencies laugh off ‘agency junkets’ as a dick swinging exercise, in reality these are the times when we can get together with like minded but creatively different people from different agencies who are all trying to do what is best for the brand in question. We should use these times as much for our own learning as for getting everyone on the same page about how to execute the brand’s vision and story in the marketplace.

What I’m saying is, this year ‘digital marketing’ will become simple ‘marketing’ – lets move forward with a view to thinking about the brand first, not the channel.

Do you agree?

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  1. I think your post has some good points and the approach we follow with our “technology” we provide is leveraging the things happening in the physical world as well into the digital world. So basically integrating both “types” of Marketing into a multi dimensional experience. I would suggest take a look at some of the examples we have here

  2. Thanks for your comment Juergen, and thanks for the case study link – some great examples there. Everything will be connected pretty soon – what is your view on digital being delivered through ‘real’ experiences?

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