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Counterfeit brands on the up

counterfeit brandsIt is always so saddening when I hear of people getting hurt through 3rd party 'unofficial' accessories for their phone or computer etc., but each time it does make me ask the question, how can these 3rd parties get away with selling counterfeit brands and how are consumers duped? Or are they buying out of desperation?

I have this battle a lot throughout my working and personal life; why would you buy a fake instead of saving and attaining the brand that you so desire? Surely there is a higher moral and emotional benefit to owning an 'original' of any given luxury brand? In the gallery below I have compiled just a few images of fake brands that consumers seem to buy into. It is remarkable how close they can get to the original trademark without getting sued and also how willing consumers are to buy into something that has no tangible or intangible benefit. Maybe it is because I'm of the brand management world that I get really upset when I see people buying fakes, it devalues what our industry does and the hard work, effort, thought, creative and money that goes into building a successful brand strategy that these folk then get to profit from. This has ended up being more of a rant than a normal blog entry but I would like to hope you see where I am coming from and that you would also like to see these counterfeit brands banished to the nearest recycling bin or Guy Fawkes night celebrations ASAP. Viva Branding! [gallery columns="4" ids="2324,2323,2322,2321,2319,2318,2317,2316,2315,2314,2313,2311,2310,2308,2307,2309"]

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