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Brand strategy & thought pieces

Taking the hassle out of timesheets

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As a freelancer you'll find the level you're asked to account for your time varies massively from one agency to the next. To make life much easier I developed a simple tactic to deal with this early on in my freelance career. Read More »

The advantages of cloud computing for freelance productivity

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Cloud computing gives small businesses and freelancers the benefit of a large IT infrastructure at a marginal cost. Freelancers are highly innovative at using simple tools such as a laptop, mobile phone and clever software to give the client a professional business experience while minimizing operational costs. For freelancers, time is money, and profits hinge on billed time. Any resource ... Read More »

3 Tips to Synergise your Content, PR and SEO

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With more and more human activity moving online, we’re reaching the point where both offline and online behaviour is merging to create everyday life. As a result of this “traditional” and “online” marketing are merging to become just “marketing”, which requires a new approach. Whilst content still underpins the majority of marketing strategies across all types of media, companies have ... Read More »

Using and finding accountancy software

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Written by Luke Murphy As freelancers work for themselves they are responsible for their own accounts and submitting them on time. Lots of freelancers do use and employ accountants to look after their books, but this can be very costly especially if they have had a bad year, and any small business expenses can make a dent in a pocketbook. Read More »