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Small business tips: Remarketing

Remarketing is a process of engaging a customer after a recent interaction with the company or a brand. Note that it differs from the traditional marketing in a sense that it does not pose a question: Who? The contact with the client has been already established, for better or worse. This means that a marketer has gathered some data, and ... Read More »

4 tax tips for the self-employed

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Written by Melissa Miller An increasing number of recent graduates and seasoned professionals are switching over to the freelance way of life. Freelancers can make a lot of money working for themselves, but they’re also often faced with a great deal of financial uncertainty at times, especially in this economy. On top of this uncertainty, most freelancers have to deal ... Read More »

Look at previous employers for work

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Often overlooked as a source of work for freelancers, previous employers can become freelancing clients. Most people are too focused on moving forwards to consider it, or simply want a change. But if you're stuck for work, you shouldn't rule them out. Read More »

What people really look for in a freelancer

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Written by Ken Myers Freelance work is commonplace on the Internet and in real life. For the most part, a freelancer is cheaper than hiring a company to do the work you need done, which allows for better cash management within the company. In many cases, the freelancer’s work can be superior to that of a company performing the same ... Read More »

Becoming a Coach – A Business Opportunity?

Becoming a Coach – A Business Opportunity1

The coaching from the title of this particular article has nothing to do with becoming a sports coach of any kind. That is not the kind of info that you come to Start-Talking for. The coaching that we will be talking about today is coaching in the more modern, business-oriented sense, i.e. life coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, etc. More ... Read More »