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1s and 0s of digital marketing are dead, long live marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing is dead? Or is it now mainstream? A good friend of mine, and managing partner of 1HQ, sent me a link to a great blog the other day that talked through how digital marketing is dead, we should refer to everything as marketing. You can view what he sent me here: My take on it is this; ... Read More »

The Strat-Talking review of 2012

review of 2012

Here’s a review of 2012, what an awesome year it was! I’ve had a couple of requests from loyal readers asking me to give my thoughts on how fantastic last year was, so here is a review of 2012. First off it would be ridiculous not to acknowledge how incredible last year was for any Englishman and for anyone spending ... Read More »

How did you become a strategist?

What does a strategist do?

Got a simple answer? Doubt it. I am yet to meet a strategist who set out to become a strategist (keen to prove me wrong? Leave a comment!). Personally, as detailed in other posts on this blog, I fell into strategy consultancy by accident after being made redundant from a client side role. However, it was clear I already had ... Read More »