Monday , 25 March 2019
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A product launch strategy that lacks relevance

A product launch strategy that lacks a relevant audience and damages a brand's image

Picture the scene last Wednesday: I’m a whisky collector and I hear about Talisker holding an event with a strong social product launch strategy I’m excited! I get myself on the guest list. I get there and wow am I ready to battle the 25ft fake storm they have created to herald the launch of their new SKU, Talisker Storm. ... Read More »

Guest post: The State of Brands in 2013

state of brands

Please welcome back guest blogger Chelsea Jennings. She is a freelance strategy consultant in New York having graduated recently.  Advertising does not exist in a vacuum; the state of brands in 2013. Ads are a reflection of the current state of culture, and culture in turn has the potential to be changed by the 2% of advertising that is actually ... Read More »

Finding Creative Inspiration As A Planner

Finding Creative Inspiration

Guest blogger Ashley Peabody is back with another insight into life as an up and coming planner…  The Importance of Finding Creative Inspiration As A Planner – A Junior’s Perspective One of the reasons why I love being a planner is because it requires me to use both the left and right side of my brain every single day. This ... Read More »

Thoughtpiece: Gamification of life

Points mean prizes, you’ve got a new high score, you are now the mayor, welcome to the gamification of life Ever get that feeling whilst you are watching recorded TV programs on Sky+ that when you get through it and subsequently delete it you will gain an additional 2% of space back? Even if you already have 61% hard drive ... Read More »

Do I know about strategy? A junior’s perspective

what do i know about strategy

Please welcome Amanda Bevis, a new resident guest blogger here on, who is going to be giving us the ‘junior’s perspective’ – what we feel is a useful tool for us ‘seasoned’ strat-folk to remind ourselves of our early career and also to open our minds through fresh thinking.  What do I know about strategy, brand strategy and strategy ... Read More »