Saturday , 23 March 2019
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Own label and the tale of the cats that copy

own label

Branding is a curious thing, own label branding is fast becoming a bold, aggressive thing. We strategy consultants research, hypothesise, think, build and fix brands every day but increasingly we are seeing those pesky own label brands decide to go for the jugular and take the market share of these expensively built brands through copycat design. This copycat design is ... Read More »

Counterfeit brands on the up

counterfeit brands

It is always so saddening when I hear of people getting hurt through 3rd party 'unofficial' accessories for their phone or computer etc., but each time it does make me ask the question, how can these 3rd parties get away with selling counterfeit brands and how are consumers duped? Or are they buying out of desperation? I have this battle a lot ... Read More »

Castle Wolfenstein and the involuntary memory principle

Castle Wolfenstein and the involuntary memory principle

I’m not much of a gamer, not now anyhow, typically my guilty gaming pleasures are centred around the iPad version of FIFA football games but just yesterday I received a powerful reminder of my youth and of howmincredinle the human brain is in both Castle Wolfenstein and the involuntary memory principle. Back in the early nineties, when computer games were ... Read More »

Strategist vs. Planner – the great debate

Strategist vs. Planner

There is often conflicting definitions of which terminology is appropriate in the strategist vs. planner debate. Here I am going to try and clarify the definition of each and why they can sometimes be interchangeable. Here’s how I define the two: Strategist We set the higher level brand strategy and direction, we work out the deep-rooted consumer behaviours and needs ... Read More »