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Starting out as a freelancer

What people really look for in a freelancer

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Written by Ken Myers Freelance work is commonplace on the Internet and in real life. For the most part, a freelancer is cheaper than hiring a company to do the work you need done, which allows for better cash management within the company. In many cases, the freelancer’s work can be superior to that of a company performing the same ... Read More »

Setting yourself up as an agency freelancer: UK

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If you are in the UK and thinking of going freelance or about to, you're probably wondering what choices you have for setting yourself up to work at creative agencies. In this article, I'm aiming to give you an overview of the options, which you can then go and look into yourself. Read More »

IPSE New Benefits


If you’re a freelancer it can sometimes seem like you’re out there on your own, without the cover and help that many big business provide their employees. While it can be nice to own your own business and be your own boss, it can also be scary to not have something larger behind you. This is where the Association of ... Read More »

Media Kits 101

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Getting your name out there and displaying your work in a way that draws people in to hire you is a challenge. This is why you should consider creating a media kit. Read More »