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Freelance business management

Outsourcing work as a freelancer

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Written by Roger Harding It doesn’t matter what it is that you do, the truth is that you can’t be the best at absolutely everything. A lot of freelance jobs require a number of different areas to be worked on. For example, if you are asked to design and develop a website, there could be a huge number of things ... Read More »

How to be assertive but keep your clients happy

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Often in business we want to seem as agreeable as possible with clients in order to keep breaking even. It’s certainly not the worst tactic in the world, but down the line it can cause significant problems. If you’re having trouble saying “no” to clients, you might learn a thing or two from what have come to be known in ... Read More »

Stress Management Techniques for Freelancers

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Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Of course, we all have! But instead of risking every penny on a business that may not make it and wondering if you actually have it in you to be a successful entrepreneur, you might consider offering your talents and services to the highest bidder. A freelancer is by definition an ... Read More »

When Should Freelancers Use An Umbrella Company?

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These days any freelancer, or anyone who is thinking of making the move into freelancing, will need to make a decision as to the type of company structure that they use in order to receive payment from their clients. The contracting sector tends to be split between two types of company structure, the Limited Company and the Umbrella Company. Both ... Read More »