Monday , 25 March 2019
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Freelance business management

How much to charge clients as a strategist

how much to charge clients

Pricing is always a sensitive issue… …when it comes to strategy consultants and freelancers in general – it is not the done thing to talk openly about it yet at some point you need to float it past someone, be it the hiring manager, the company director or recruiter of the place you are about to join on a freelance ... Read More »

Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit

Raising the question of entrepreneurial spirit… It is a nervy time in anyone’s life when you are in a stable job but you are not getting where you want to or your idea for a new position / promotion has just been rejected, you feel doubt – Is this the end of my time here? Am I not good enough to ... Read More »

How did you become a strategist?

What does a strategist do?

Got a simple answer? Doubt it. I am yet to meet a strategist who set out to become a strategist (keen to prove me wrong? Leave a comment!). Personally, as detailed in other posts on this blog, I fell into strategy consultancy by accident after being made redundant from a client side role. However, it was clear I already had ... Read More »