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Strat-Talking acquires

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We have very exciting news for all the great readers of – we are getting bigger & better. Not only have we recorded four record readership months in a row, with a high of 5,163 visitors in August, but we have now acquired which nearly doubles our reach and forms the start of the Strat-Talking Creative Blogging Network. ... Read More »

Top 5 UK Commuter Locations For Working In London

commuter locations for working in London

Top 5 UK Commuter Locations for working in London When it comes to working in The Big Smoke, the grass can often look greener on the other side. However, there are ways to enjoy the hustle and bustle of London life, and still get home to a relaxed atmosphere. As car prices drop and bus statistics soar, it is more ... Read More »

Tips for advertising your book

advertising your book

Have you been advertising and advertising your book with no visible results? Part of this might stem from expecting instant results. Many authors do book advertising with little or no vision of the bigger picture. When you have a solid plan of how to sell a book, you will see where and how each part of your book advertising fits ... Read More »

Freelancers’ blog PPC Optimisation Blueprint


PPC Optimisation Blueprint For bootstrapped start-ups there are a number of affordable marketing channels to get started. Advertising is generally expensive and most start-ups overestimate advertising ROI, especially until they’ve gained some sort of foothold through other means. So before you try paid advertising explore options such as free classified ads, organic social media, using your personal network, media publicity, ... Read More »

5 Tips to building a stronger business

stronger business

5 Tips to Building a Stronger Business Business training is absolutely necessary if a person wishes to run a successful business. There are many business courses available online as well as at traditional brick and mortar schools that will teach an individual how to build a strong business plan. For those that are already running a business, taking a refresher ... Read More »