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About Strat-Talking – The strategist hub is all about empowering consultants, freelancers and small business owners to make the most of their business with business tips, advice, thoughtpieces and guest posts packed with insight into life with your name at the top of the invoice. Other content includes retail / brand audits and market commentary as well as unprecedented access to the site’s founder and prolific brand strategy consultant, Greg Dillon.

The Freelance Lifestyle section celebrates the best products, training and experiences that appeal to strategists as a way of rewarding their hard work and brand building.

This site is the culmination of years of not having access to great advice as a strategist, often learning on the fly and spending lots of time scouring the web without one simple hub of information, conversation and tools.

Our manifesto explains a little more about what we believe in… To know. To act.
We believe that the best freelancers are obsessive, but it is hard to learn the basics.
We believe that brand strategy is about putting the customer first, responding to their needs.
We believe that for strategists to evolve and to grow, they need to communicate.
We believe that freelance life is a lot of fun, but also requires a lot of work.
We believe the design industry lacks honest & open dialogue, especially the awkward topics.

That’s where Strat-Talking steps in, we are all about empowering.

Empowering juniors to understand the expected strategist career path.
Empowering strategists to understand the context of what they do.
Empowering entrepreneurial minded people to make the leap.
Empowering freelancers to build their businesses and succeed.
Empowering people through honesty, leaning on the authors’ experiences to inform the readers. To know. To act.


Our Editor-in-Chief, Greg Dillon

Greg DillonGreg is the founder of strategy consultancy GD | Inspires and spends his days strategising for various design agencies and clients around the world – see more at his site. He is also a prolific entrepreneur having launched and – GreatDrams’s aim is to write for those who are whisky gifters as much as those who are whisky drinkers as, ultimately whisky gifters are under-serviced by the whisky industry and whisky drinkers have nowhere to send their loved ones for inspiration or to get an understanding of one of their great passions.

Get in touch via the contact page or by emailing him on to discuss any potential projects, to learn more or for anything strategic.

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