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A day in the life of a strategy consultant

A day in the life of a strategy consultant

strategy consultantI often get asked, mostly from family, ‘what is it you actually do?’ so, as I sit here pondering new pitch ideas I thought I’d write about a day in the life of a strategy consultant when working from home

Alarm goes off, fiancé gets up, gets ready for work

Fiancé leaves for work, I roll over to get a final 30 minutes of sleep in before getting up

My alarm goes off, I get up, get dressed and fire up the Nespresso machine for my first espresso of the day

I check emails and do a social media review to see what the news is, what has been going on in the world and also if there are any new business leads that I need to jump on

Stare at my plan for the day and try and hit the big things first – client work which may be building a brand strategy model, could be drafting a pitch deck or doing the research for a Stage One strategy project (pre-design case building and opportunity identification)

Punish myself for loving beer, find dining and whisky by going for a pre-lunch run on the treadmill in my office, typically ‘rolling hills’ and ‘sprint interval’ training for 30 minutes at a time. (One of the greatest things about working from home: quick don’t-even-need-to-leave-the-office exercise. Also helps with work life balance).

Get lunch in, and recover from the run.

Get back to client project work, ensure the deliverables are being written and delivered on, build the content for presentations and storyboard what else needs to be done for the next deadline

Check in with the client team over Skype or a phone call whilst power walking on the treadmill – ensure we are all on the same page and know what has been achieved as well as what needs to be done

Get the small things from today’s to do list done and ticked off

Write tomorrow’s to do list

Write a blog post or two, note down any ideas for additional ventures away from client work

Welcome home my fiancé and catch up on her day ahead of dinner and chilling out

How does your day pan out? What does your day look like?


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